Overnight Bakery Supervisor- Pawtucket Production Bakery

Are you looking to work in a fast paced, production style bakery?  Are you a night owl? Then look no further!

Seven Stars Bakery is hiring an overnight baking supervisor to work at our Production Bakery location at Hope Artiste Village, in Pawtucket RI.  The supervisor requires the ability to motivate and lead a team, strong time management, organizational as well as a good understanding of baking methods and scoring techniques are required. You will be responsible for supervising and coordination of workers engaged in shaping, proofing, baking and packaging of our delicious breads and pastries!  The Supervisor is responsible for monitoring quality control and consistency of our products, keeping the team on task, and rolling up your sleeves and working side by side with the team!

Having reliable transportation is a must as public transportation will not be running during these hours. We are open 7 days a week so availability on weekends is required. You will be required to come in for a working interview (this means working for part of a shift as part of the interview process)