Monthly Archives: October 2011

Rhode Island Rye is back!

Last year, we were approached by Hannah Mellion from Farm Fresh RI about some Rye that had been grown at Schartners farm in Exeter, RI. The Rye would be ground into flour at Kenyons grist mill in West Kingston, RI . Would we be interested in some of this flour? Absolutely! Please see the Summer 2010 issue of Edible Rhody for the full story here.

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Pain de Pomme Barden (pan de pom barden)

Fall in Normandie, France brings Pain Normande. This bread  is a specialty of the region showcasing the apples that have just come back from harvest. Bakers will either use some of the local “hard” or alcoholic cider, or fresh cider. Oftentimes, they will use fresh cider that has just begun to go off or turn sour believing that it helps with fermentation. Continue reading Pain de Pomme Barden (pan de pom barden)