Ancient Grains

Ancient Grains bread is a blend of 3 different grains collectively known as the “Ancient Grains” because they haven’t been manipulated over the years. These are supposedly the wheats that all modern wheat are derived from, and haven’t been bred for the sole purpose to produce white flour. 


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White bread is made from the Endosperm of the wheat seed, grain or as known in the bakery world, the berry.  Over the years, the wheat seed has been bred to produce a larger endosperm, thereby increasing the yield to produce white flour. Thanks to a lack of need for processed food, these grains haven’t been manipulated as much, so retain more of their original makeup. Since there is less endosperm, the part of the wheat berry that helps trap gas, these grains tend to make rather dense, yet very flavorful  bread.


Spelt, Kamut and Emmer are milled fresh, naturally leavened. Ancient Grains bread will be available in the half or whole loaf. 


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Whole Kamut

Whole Spelt

Whole Emmer