Cracked Wheat

                                                        Cracked Wheat

This months bread is another naturally leavened bread that has raw wheat just barely “cracked”. It was lightly cracked in my homebrew mill into large chunks, then fermented overnight. The fermentation of the cracked wheat, in addition to the natural leavening gives a very interesting flavor and aroma to the bread.


55% of this bread is whole grain between the whole wheat and the cracked wheat, but you’d never know from the lightness of the finished loaf. In addition to the whole wheat and cracked wheat, the bread also contains North Country Farms excellent stone ground “white” flour from upstate New York. NCF White is a sifted flour, where the mill removes most of the bran, but the germ remains. It’s a stone ground white flour in name only, more closely related to whole wheat.

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AP Flour

North Country Farms White flour

Organic Whole Wheat Flour

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