Maine Grains Sifted Rustic

Maine Grains Sifted Rustic

There’s a new miller in the house and we couldn’t be more excited! Not only are we able to showcase more and more whole grains and sifted flours, but all the flour and grain comes from the state of Maine. Considering most flour comes from the Midwest this is such a cool turn of events for us at Seven Stars. More New England flour… So exciting.


The Oatmeal bread from last month was about 75% grain from Maine Grains with the sifted and the rolled oats themselves. This months bread will be 100% sifted maine grains wheat flour in a rustic loaf similar to Integrale from several months ago. The big difference is that it will be be 100% sifted flour at 86% extraction and it will be sourdough.


A word on “sifted”, “bolted” or “high extraction” flour. For years, we didn’t have access to this special type of flour. It seems that more small mills are starting to get on the band wagon, and its great to see! Whole wheat would be considered 100% extraction, so this flour has 14% of the whole removed, mostly the larger bits of bran. What is left is a flour that lies somewhere in between whole wheat and white flour, however, unlike white flour it has all the oils that would not be present in a traditionally milled white flour on a roller mill. The higher the extraction, the whiter it becomes. This particular flour is closer to whole wheat than white.



Maine Grains Sifted (86%) wheat flour (Magog)



Click picture for larger image. Crumb picture for Michael Bernier next week:)

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