Pain de Pomme





Fall in Normandie, France brings Pain Normande. This bread  is a specialty of the region showcasing the apples that have just come back from harvest. Bakers will either use some of the local “hard” or alcoholic cider, or fresh cider. Oftentimes, they will use fresh cider that has just begun to go off or turn sour believing that it helps with fermentation.The bread is traditionally made with Levain (french for sourdough), but much like bread all over France it is often made with yeast. Of course, our version will be made with a Rye Levain. Dried apples incorporated into the dough complete the bread.

So, where does the name Pain de Pomme Barden come from? Every year, we buy Apples and fresh cider from Barden Orchards in Johnston, RI to sell in our retail stores. It seems only fitting to use their cider in the bread! I hope you agree!!

Maybe, a good stinky runny cheese with this one?? Grilled cheese? Try it simply toasted with good butter!

Maine Grains Sifted flour (85% extraction) (46%)
AP Flour (28%)
Maine Grains Whole Rye Flour (26%)
Barden Apple cider
Apples (dried)