Pane Integrale

                                                Pane Integrale 

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This months bread will be Pane Integrale. In Italy, bread with whole grain flour may be called Pane Integrale. Indeed, the literal translation is “Wholemeal Bread”. There doesn’t seem to be a particular style of bread, just that it contain various proportions of whole grain flour. The bread may have commercial yeast or “lievito Naturale” (natural leavening). It may be rustic, or refined. It may be baked in a pan in a modern convection oven or on the hearth of a 500 year old brick oven.

Ours will be a variation on ciabatta, with 50% of the flour whole wheat and the rest our standard Canadian All Purpose flour. It will be leavened with a very small amount of commercial yeast.

Lynn says this type of bread is best with olive oil, cheese and cured meats. Take her advice, she knows what she’s talking about!


Organic Whole Wheat Flour

All Purpose Wheat flour