Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

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We welcome any comments, questions, or feedback on our site. Please let us know if you notice aspects of our site that aren’t working for you or your assistive technology.

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Seven Stars Bakery is Committed to Digital Accessibility.

Seven Stars Bakery is committed to our mission of digital equality and is dedicated to providing an excellent user experience for everyone. Our website is structured to allow those of all abilities to easily and quickly find the information they need.

Ongoing Efforts to Ensure Accessible Content

Seven Stars Bakery uses the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.1 as its guiding principle. As we develop new pages and functionality, accessible design and development principles are an integral part of conception and realization.

We continually test content and features for WCAG 2.1 Level AA compliance and remediate any issues to ensure we meet or exceed the standards. Testing of our digital content is performed using Axe Devtools, WAVE, and other automated testing software, screen readers, a color contrast analyzer, keyboard-only navigation techniques, and a variety of bookmarklets.

Summary of Accessibility Features

  • All images and other non-text elements have alternative text associated with them.
  • Navigational aids are provided on all pages. Skip navigation links have been incorporated to facilitate keyboard navigation, bypass groups of links on a page, and jump directly to the main content.
  • The title attribute has been used to make the linked text more meaningful or to indicate if the link opens a new browser window.
  • Structural markup to indicate headings and lists has been provided to aid in page comprehension.
  • Forms are associated with labels, and instructions on filling in forms are available to screen reader users
  • Table navigation instructions are provided, and all data cells are associated with their headers.