Products displayed on a table in the Seven Stars cafe.

Local Partners

East fresh, Eat local is more than a saying here at Seven Stars Bakery. We partner with local farms and businesses that value fresh, high-quality food as much as we do. Their ingredients are the building block for our breads, pastries, coffee, sandwiches and more. Enjoy!

George Howell coffee
George Howell Coffee - Acton, MA

We source our coffee and espresso from George Howell Coffee, a company revered for their devotion to creating the highest quality seed-to-cup coffee, and for their commitment to partnering directly with small coffee farmers. They roast both our drip coffee and espresso for our customers enjoyment.

Maine grains is a foundational partner
Maine Grains - Skowhoegan, ME

Maine Grains is a foundational partner. Their organic and heritage grains, wheat, spelt, corn, and more, are sourced from farmers throughout the Northeast. We mill their whole grains in-house, yielding the freshest flour possible for our breads and pastries! To purchase some of our flour, email us at

Wrights Dairy Farm is a local partner
Wrights Dairy Farm - North Smithfield, RI

We source the freshest milk possible from our nearby neighbors at Wright’s Dairy Farm, a family-run operation raising Holsteins in North Smithfield since 1914.  Their milk is featured in many of our baked goods, as a rich addition to your coffee, and in single serve to-go containers in our cold cases.

Cabot creamery is a local partner
Cabot Creamery - Waitsfield, VT

Cabot Creamery is a farmer-owned co-op where rich, buttery milk from happy cows is used to make Cabot’s award-winning cheese and dairy products. Cabot cheddar is used in one of our most popular breads, our Vermont Cheddar and in our cheddar scone!

RI Mushroom Company supplies our mushrooms
RI Mushroom Company - West Kingston, RI

Dedicated to cultivating and growing the highest-quality mushrooms, West Kingston’s own RI Mushroom Company has provided us with beautiful and flavorful mushrooms for our quiche since 2013.

Stamp egg farms fresh local eggs
Stamp Egg Farm - Johnston, RI

Stamp Egg Farms in Johnston, RI has over 7,000 chickens that roam their three-story, cage-free coop. They are fed a vegetarian diet without hormones or steroids. Picked and packed the same day they’re laid, their eggs are featured in our breakfast sandwiches, quiches, and as ingredients in our baked goods.

Steere Orchard fresh local apples and peaches
Steere Orchard - Greenville, RI

Steere Orchard is a fourth generation family farm growing apples and peaches since the 1930s. They are one of the largest orchards in Rhode Island, producing about a dozen varieties of apples, including Macoun, Honeycrisp, Gala, Cortland, Red and Golden Delicious, Macintosh and RI Greening. We use their apples and peaches in our seasonal pastries.

Wards berry farm fresh local veggies and fruit
Ward's Berry Farm - Sharon, MA

Helmed by brothers Jim and Bob, Ward’s Berry Farm is a family-run operation  offering the finest quality fresh-picked fruits and veggies. We source a variety of farm-fresh produce from Ward’s throughout the year including berries, kale, pea greens, carrots, zucchini, summer squash, acorn squash and more!

Narragansett Creamery
Narragansett Creamery - Providence, RI

Narragansett Creamery is a family-owned company making award-winning cheese and yogurt using fresh, local milk right here in Providence. Their whole milk yogurt is the star of our delicious yogurt granola parfaits, and our vegetarian sandwich is made rich with thick slabs of their buttery mozzarella. 

Fresh meadow farms local cranberries
Fresh Meadows Farm - Carver, MA

Fresh Meadows Farm grows the highest quality fresh organic cranberries for their customers each season. This commitment shows in the flavor of their cranberries, which star in many of our pastries.

Bats of Bedlam local maple syrup
Bats of Bedlam Maple Syrup - Chaplin, CT

Based in the small town of Chaplin, CT, Bats of Bedlam Maple Farm makes fresh local maple syrup that we use in our maple lattes!

Schartner Farms local partner
Schartner Farms - Exeter, RI

Schartner Farms, a 150-acre farm in Exeter founded in 1902, provides us with their line of delicious local fruit jams that we serve in our cafes and use for special seasonal cookies. 

Sanctuary Herbs lavender
Sanctuary Herbs - Providence, RI

Sanctuary Herbs grows an extraordinary line of chemical-free herbs and spices whose essence embodies Health, Comfort, and Community. We use their lavender to make syrup that is featured in our seasonal lavender lattes…a fan favorite!

Daniele Inc sopressata
Daniele, Inc - Smithfield, RI

Daniele, Inc./Del Duca is a cornerstone food producer in RI, this Good Food Award-winning family-run company makes fine cured Italian meats. Our Sopressata sandwich features one of our favorite Daniele products, a dry cured salami made from a coarse grind of premium pork, aged for six to eight weeks with notes of black peppercorns, garlic, and salt.

Rheds hot sauce is perfect for our breakfast sandwiches
Rhed's Hot Sauce - Providence, RI

Locally made Rhed’s Hot Sauce is crafted from peppers and vegetables seasonally sourced from RI farms. Their flavorful, well-balanced hot sauce is a perfect accompaniment to your breakfast sandwich or quiche.

Mello's farm stand honey
Mello's Farm Stand - Tiverton, RI

Pure Local Honey from Tiverton, RI available in our in-café pantries. 

Yacht club soda pairs well with our sandwiches
Yacht Club Soda - North Providence, RI

Yacht Club has been making soda in Rhode Island for over 100 years. They use only the finest extracts and ingredients and are the perfect compliment to our products.

Luluna kombucha so good
Luluna Kombucha - Providence, RI

Luluna Kombucha, is brewed locally using the finest teas. This organic fermented drink is made in tiny batches, is never pasteurized, and tastes delicious.