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The coffee that we use is as important to us as every other ingredient we buy.  Years ago, we made the decision to have a direct trade relationship with a coffee farm.  A direct trade relationship allows us to know where our coffee is coming, that the farm owner treats his workers well and  that the farming practices are sustainable.  Our current drip coffee is from Finca Valparaiso, a medium sized coffee farm in the Acatenango region of Guatemala.  We tend to like the flavor profiles of coffees from that region.

In 2014, Mark Hundley, our coffee manager, accompanied New Harvest Coffee Roasters to visit the farm.  It is this kind of one-to-one relationship that inspires us!

Our espresso blend is Whisper, a seasonal blend that New Harvest provides us.  Though the blend changes through the year, it’s a bright, balanced coffee that lends itself to both a straight up espresso and an amazing cappuccino.

Each barista working at Seven Stars goes through a 40 hour training program.  They learn about the science of milk, coffee extraction, efficiency, latte art and more.  With the mission that everything our customers experience at Seven Stars Bakery is the best it can be, we take the training of our coffee staff very seriously!


New Harvest Coffee Roasters

Learn more about our friends, the coffee roasters, on their website.